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Artist Statement


Photography, in combination with its nowadays digitally malleable characteristics, has brought me the technical means to create the scenes that I visualize in my mind. In my art I wish to go beyond the boundaries of the real world and touch on the surreal and the juxtaposed. Often I find myself in search for the beauty and mystery inherent within and around us. I love to transcend into the realm of dreams where animals often become my vehicle to take the story forward. 


I have always had a love for the arts but especially found my passion in drawing and the medium of watercolors. With modern day photography, I am able to transfer some of the painterly thinking into the digital arena when creating my work.


I always make use of my own photographs. Each leaves a personal memory behind of the day when the photo was taken. I only work on one piece at the time. I always want to start, carry through, and see the end result before I can move on to something new. 

My work comes together through various photographic elements enhanced by digital painting where I use light and shadow as my paint brush. In such way, I can also add to the scene by shaping the mood and bring out individual details.


I am greatly inspired by the beauty, harmony and mystery of the world we live in. I am drawn to beautiful and dramatic skies, open landscapes, and nature scenes.  I am inspired by animals and interesting objects that could feature well in a composite and shape the story and atmosphere of an image. 

Being an artist means for me bringing your artistic vision into your everyday life. It means harnessing the moments of inspiration and creativity but likewise trying to embrace all aspects of the process especially when it means adversity and hard work.

With my art I would like the viewer to be carried away into another world and encouraged to create his or her own story or simply pause for a moment of contemplation. The world is a busy place where modern life styles have come to dominate. I hope for my art to provide a moment of respite and perhaps inspire to the thought “What if?”.

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